This poster assignment was very vague. We were given a list of words to choose from and needed to represent that word in an interesting way in our poster.

I choose space as my word and began a mind map, as requested to see what other words and images I could think of. Eventually I came to the word universe and began searching for a quote, since I like using words as imagery.

He sat in the stillness and listened to the wisdom of his soul. It was there in the quiet he could feel his connection with the beauty of the universe. He was home.

This quote conveyed what I wanted with space – a quiet beauty that humans have reflected on their place in the world.

After having the idea in place, I began making the actual poster. Very early on, I wanted a silhouette full of stars. It took me a bit to learn how to edit using Photoshop to have the effect I wanted, but I got it to work. The rest of the poster was adjusting the fonts I wanted to use to make it balanced to me.

Overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I was worried that the various fonts I used wouldn’t appear cohesive but I think in the way I broke up the quote and added in shapes behind some of the words it drew everything together.