[Comm 240] Final Project – Introduction Video

This project was the final video for the Comm 240 class in Fall 2018. The video covers my internship and work in the radio industry, briefly about my technical skill with Adobe Products, and my foreign language skills. I shot it all on an Ipad Air and used a simple microphone-headphone combination for audio recorded for the interview. The song, Trail Bounce by Jason Steele, is from Killertracks.

If I were to remake this video I would change two things. The interview would have been better and in a way easier on me if I were looking at someone and talking to them. I got very nervous between the camera and trying to remember what I was talking about. The other change would be getting more B roll in general, especially at KVSC, my internship. There are moments where the B roll doesn’t really show what I’m talking about.




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